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How to Git Bootstrapping


This is a guide on how to get started using git version control software to more easily manage your code and collaborate with other developers. Many of our volunteers are intimidated by git and the command line.

This guide will really only cover the basics of using git with GitHub, since that is where a lot of work and collaboration is happening at the time of writing this.


Join Code for Philly's Slack and projects platform and connect in the [#how-to-git-project…


Philly Bike Action Prototyping

This project is creating a customized Discord bot for the Philly Bike Action server.

It will also connect to the Philly Bike Action website.

Primarily coded in Python.

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Give Schools - Needs Board Prototyping


Supporting Schools Through Tech

We envision a world where every school has access to the resources they need to provide a nurturing and effective educational environment.

Our platform allows schools to post their needed supplies, contributions, or volunteers for events connecting them with warm-hearted individuals and organizations eager to make a difference. Whether you're a school in need or a benefactor, GiveSchools is here to foster meaningful connections and help cultivate the fertile grounds of education.

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OpenDataPhilly Usability and Feature Enhancements Bootstrapping

OpenDataPhilly is a regional open data catalog, providing a repository for information about open data available from the City of Philadelphia, non-profit organizations, university research projects, and other publishers of open data about the region. It was originally developed by Azavea and after periods of stewardship by AxisPhilly and Temple University, it has been maintained by Azavea, and since Azavea’s acquisition in February 2023, by Element 84.

While most open data catalogs are…

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Clean & Green Philly Maintaining

Clean & Green Philly

Philadelphia has a gun violence problem. This dashboard aims to help solve it by empowering community groups to carry out cleaning and greening interventions in the vacant properties where they can have the biggest impact.


Philadelphia has a gun violence problem. Homicides have been on the rise since 2013. The past three years—2020, 2021, and 2022—have been the deadliest on record, with a high of 562 homicides in 2021. Community members need solutions, but many city-run initiatives are frustratingly slow or inadequate. Nearly 80% of the…

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Balancer: AI-powered Bipolar Medication Decision Support App Prototyping

Balancer seeks to solve the problems created by the trial-and-error decision-making process that psychiatrists/medication prescribers and patients go through when choosing medications for bipolar disorder.

If you're interested in getting involved, email or go to and introduce yourself in the #balancer channel. Kat Jost (@itskatnotcat) and Tai Chan (@tai) are the project co-leads.

Project Overview

The mission of the Balancer project is to shorten the journey for patients with bipolar disorder to find stability on…


PhilaVibes (Launchpad 2023) Bootstrapping

PhilaVibes Project

PhilaVibes is a map application that helps people in Philadelphia at point A with more time than they need to get to point B find a comfortable place to be between those spaces. The map will feature points surrounded by word clouds describing the spaces (and will show the name, address, etc, once the user clicks on that space). The user can see choose to see spaces around them, along their route, or around their destination.


Relative Mouse Accuracy Test Bootstrapping

Eye-tracking is an amazing accessibility tool, but there are so few ways to figure out your best setup to get the best results.

There are currently no good tools, that I could find, to test the accuracy and consistency of eye-tracking mouse control across devices and programs, and I believe this information will greatly help in improving the technology in the future.

A fairly simple Python or JavaScript program should be able to provide this need:

The script starts by prompting the user to enter a seed value, which is used to generate a set of 25 random dots on the screen….

PhillyTRUCE: A future where every community is functional, safe, and well-served in their neighborhoods by schools, media, and institutions. Prototyping

PHILLY TRUCE: Mediation, Referral and Peace Patrol (or Street Outreach) are the primary services we provide.

The PhillyTRUCE app aims to disrupt the cycle of community-level violence by enabling residents to take an active role in their own safety. We seek to foster a community where safety is a co-created, shared responsibility.

PHILLY TRUCE is more than a movement; it's a call to action. We're disrupting violence right where it happens and need your help. Volunteer for safety patrols, mentorship programs, or social media campaigns. Be the change you want to see….

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Siuba: fast, flexible data science with python Testing

This project has two major goals:

  • help people learn data science with python.
  • build siuba into fast and friendly tool for data analysis.

It can be hard to get started analyzing data, so a major piece will be figuring out some format for teaching beginners (e.g. running weekly analysis sessions, workshops, etc..).


siuba is an open source python library designed for quick, interactive data analysis. It's a port of the tidyverse from R to python, and supports a tabular data…

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Social Justice Stop The Violence Data Mapping Initiative Bootstrapping

im working to create a longitudinal social justice stop the violence data mapping initiative to add stories from communities addressing the various forms of violence plaguing our city. im working on learning code that helps us map our stories because so much policy, whether we like it or not, is created based on us without us at the table. i reached out to the Algorithmic Justice League to see if i can host a viewing of their documentary "Coded Bias" to help show how we are experimented in this…

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Choose Native Plants PA Maintaining

Native plants are really important for the environment.

But it is a bit overwhelming to select plants (e.g. wildflowers and grasses). This google sheet + vue js web app is designed to assist as a entry point to further research.

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Code for Philly Website Redesign Prototyping


Code For Philly homepage mockup. You can view our progress here:


The goal of this particular project is just to re-do the homepage first, and connect it to the existing old pages and Laddr. The issues on our "Issues" page in this repo are ones that the leadership team has identified as things they would like changed. However we're open to other ideas of course.


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Food Pantry App Maintaining

Food Pantry App's Purpose

Food Pantry App is a web app created to make it easier to operate a food pantry or food bank, reduce food insecurity, and help people in need.


This project has an active roadmap and enhancements are being developed.


RateMyNurse Bootstrapping

There’s an overwhelming issue in homecare nursing that jeopardizes the safety of many people in need and that is there’s no accountability, and it’s only getting worse because of COVID-19. Nurses and agencies get away with murder, sometimes literally, but more often just abuse and theft of their clients [patients/consumers], which is still not ok… I’m hoping to build a passionate and caring team of web developers [and at least one with web accessibility development experience] to help me develop a tool to allow communication between clients and help them find the care they…

Code for Philly Data Pipeline Drifting

We're building a data pipeline + dashboard for Code for Philly data!

The pipeline has two major goals:

  • make it easier for community members to track active projects.
  • serve as a template for other projects.


Code for Philly (CfP) is a place where volunteers and non-profit organizations collaborate on projects. Since its founding in 2012, it’s seen a lot of activity:

  • community slack with 3,000+ members.
  • listing 246 projects.
  • with 113 repos.

However, as CfP has grown, it’s become…

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Philly Auto and Parole Commenting


Philadelphia Auto and Parole is a re-entry program to provide formerly incarcerated individuals and youth transitioning back into society an opportunity to earn a living wage through courses in automotive repair. In order to financially support the classes, Philly Auto and Parole functions as both a repair shop and an educational program.

In 2015, the one-year unified recidivism rate (re-arrest of a previously incarcerated individual) for people returning to Philadelphia was 33.9%. Looked at differently, this means that of the 24,089 people released to Philadelphia from…

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Philadelphia Bail Fund Interactive Data Portal Prototyping

Philadelphia Bail Fund (PBF) is a revolving fund that posts bail for people who are indigent and cannot afford bail. Our goal is to keep families and communities together and vigorously advocate for the end to cash bail in Philadelphia.

This project aims to provide up to date reports and visualizations on bail, and to track over time its adverse impacts on different populations (e.g. its impact on poorer areas, based on race, or those in jails during the covid 19 pandemic). These reports can educate the public and hold decision makers accountable.

They currently obtain…

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Workforce Impact Analysis Maintaining

The pandemic has affected our global community in unimaginable ways. Many effects are yet to be revealed. In response, and in attempt to gauge the impact on the workforce, we are working with the City of Philadelphia to conduct an impact analysis and make a report public to inform future policymaking, as well as help people get jobs.

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Covid 19 - Jail Response Prototyping

Currently, roughly three groups of people are being held in local jails:

  • those serving short sentences
  • those held on cash bail
  • those held by the probation department pre hearing

In light of Covid 19, a group of advocates and attorneys from the city’s two bail funds, the #no215jail Coalition, Media Mobilizing Project, & ACLU of PA, are rapidly working to find ways to gain release of all those on local county jail who do not need to be there. The District Attorney’s Office (DAO), the Public Defender (PD), the Philly Police Department (PPD) recognize the need to move most…

CHIME: COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics Testing

Hey! If you're at this page you're hopefully looking to help out with the CHIME project. Please join us in Slack or on github to join in!

Help needed

In order to ensure the CHIME team can focus on modeling and interacting with stakeholders, we're looking for help filling the following roles:

  • Project / product management: help with organizing the project. Help make sure that work around explaining and improving the CHIME dashboard is well organized. Help us document the project so volunteers can contribute.

  • Devops: help ensure that the dashboard can handle the…

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Computer Vision for Prevention Point Forms Prototyping

Computer Vision for Prevention Point Forms

Prevention Point collects data via handwritten forms. This project seeks to use computer vision to eliminate the need to do data entry by hand.

This project is to design a piece of software to record information from scanned forms for Prevention Point. This project utilizes openCV and the Microsoft Azure API. Please contact the project lead on slack on how to get access the API key.

Main Project Parts

1. Form Intake Interface

There are several different types of forms that need to be scanned. The form intake…


Code for Philly - Creating New Projects and Partnerships Prototyping


At Code for Philly (CfP), we actively work to connect non-profit partners with technical volunteers. Making and growing partnerships at Code for Philly is something that anyone can do. This project will help non-profits tap into Code for Philly resources, by creating a guide on starting new partnerships.

A partnership can be..

  • An introduction to a non-profit org.
  • Starting a new Code for Philly project with them.
  • Securing space for future CfP meetups, to enable people to collaborate.

Currently, this project is focused on helping non-profits get…

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West Philadelphia Promise Zone - Small Business Resources Bootstrapping

About Us

The West Philadelphia Promise Zone is a place-based initiative created to support local leaders who are working to address challenges faced by people living in deep and persistent poverty. By working collaboratively in a collective impact model and focusing on one geographical area, Promise Zone partners can see the wider system, the interconnection of its parts, and make impactful direct and system changes. Roughly two square miles, the Promise Zone is bound by the Schuylkill River to the East, 48th Street to the West, Girard Avenue to the North, and Sansom Street to the…

Nationalities Service Center - Adopt a Famliy App Commenting

Who we are

Nationalities Service Center is Philadelphia's leading immigrant and refugee service organization empowering immigrants to thrive in our communities and pursue a just future. NSC provides comprehensive services to immigrants and refugees in the areas of legal protections, community integration, access to health and wellness services, English language learning classes, employment and case management programs. The Refugee Resettlement program welcomes 200 refugees to Philadelphia annually. This program provides vital services and resources…

Quick Click Keyboard Commenting

In a quick survey I did in the Muscular Dystrophy community, over 70% of computer users use a mouse and on-screen keyboard, yet so much interaction is done through hover functionality and hotkeys. There are minimal tools and web accessibility practices out there to make computer usage fully accessible to mouse/touchpad/trackball users. These limitations become even more apparent with specialized software, such as CAD and video editing applications. Would anyone like to help me build something to accommodate this group, of which I am a part?

This app I'm trying to have built is a more…

Philly Elder Helpers Bootstrapping

PROBLEM: Inability to perform simple home maintenance or repairs makes it harder for seniors to age in place.

PROPOSAL: Groups of volunteers could be organized to help interested seniors in a particular area at some time window.


  • Functional website with basic user flow
  • Research into related services and/or organizations
  • Gauge of interest among seniors (potentially, list of interested seniors)
  • Information gathering from volunteer organizations

Snowcap.Me Maintaining


In just the last few years, Capital One, TJX Companies, Sears, The Home Deport, and Equifax have all been hacked, exposing hundreds of millions of consumer credit files to bad actors. New credit cards, loans, or other lending accounts could be opened with that information, unless you freeze your credit. Freezing your credit is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from identity theft and fraud. You can still use your cards and accounts normally when your credit is frozen, and if you need to apply for new account, you can unfreeze it.

Sadly, there is no central…

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Reach: SMS Hotline & Integrated Case Management System Maintaining

Reach: SMS Hotline Platform with Integrated Case Management System

This is an SMS Hotline platform developed to facilitate a Warm Handoff to treatment services for overdose survivors. Reach connects people in need with service professionals at any hour of the day and across geographic barriers using SMS.

Reach's integrated case management systems allows for the collection of de-identified data which can be analyzed to find gaps in services, and inform needs assessments and feasibility studies for the expansion and creation of services tailored to community needs.

Together, this…

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PAWS Data Pipeline Prototyping

WHO IS PAWS - As the city's largest animal rescue partner and no-kill animal shelter, PAWS is working to make Philadelphia a place where every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home. Since inception over 10 years ago, PAWS has rescued and placed 27,000+ animals in adoptive and foster homes, and has worked to prevent pet homelessness by providing 86,000+ low-cost spay/neuter services and affordable vet care to 227,000+ clinic patients. Just in 2018, 3,584 animals were rescued and 36,871 clinic patients were served. PAWS is funded 100% through donations, with 91 cents of every dollar…

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Gratis Prototyping

Gratis is a platform that connects restaurants that have surplus food with shelters to provide a solution to the hunger problem in Philadelphia.

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UliftU Website Redesign Commenting

UliftU is a community organization that seeks to provide re-entering citizens with the skills and certifications necessary to become Crossfit coaches. The organization is relatively new and has made a preliminary website designed to communicate their goals and purposes to both partners and potential participants.

They are seeking to update the website to make pertinent information more accessible to their potential partners and participants, allow UliftU to recruit partners and participants, increase website SEO, and make it easier for anyone to update the site to have the most…

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PA Hospital Finder Prototyping

This project is a simple react/typescript app that takes publicly available hospital data along with a users geolocation and finds the nearest hospital location to the user and presents hospital information and directions in a card format to the user. WARNING geolocation in web browsers can be fairly in accurate and this app is meant for demo purposes only!


Opioid Data Hackathon Drifting

Code for Philly, Data Philly, R Ladies Philly, and the Data Jawn are joining together to host a data science hackathon to answer pertinent questions around the Opioid Crisis in Philadelphia using the power and talent inherent in the Philadelphia data community. The goals of this event are to provide health organizations with insight that may normally be unavailable to them without the resources of a data professional on staff and to demonstrate creative analyses that help folks gain more understanding around the opioid epidemic in our city.

Tools for Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records in Pennsylvania Testing

Clean Slate Buddy

Community Legal Services is a private nonprofit that provides civil legal representation to thousands of low-income Philadelphians every year. CLS's Employment Unit helps clients' secure employment by expunging and sealing criminal records. CLS also maintains the Expungement Generator, a web application that nonprofits across the state use to automate creating and filing expungement petitions.

In 2018, Pennsylvania's legislature enacted Clean Slate, which provides for automated sealing of 30 million + criminal cases. Clean Slate also created rules for…

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Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity - Criminal Record Expungement & Pardons Testing

Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity (PLSE) is a non-profit legal aid organization that focuses on helping people overcome the barriers they face as a result of criminal records.

The project we are currently working on is building out an expungement petition generator for PLSE. The application takes in PDFs of clients' criminal dockets and returns fully formatted petitions to expunge the clients' criminal records. Having a clear criminal record helps those clients to better find work, housing, and services.

This project is built with React.js, Django, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. A…

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Resource Philly Map Prototyping

Resource Philly Map (RPM) aims to make accessing critical services across the city quick and easy for people in need.

RPM aims to help folks in Philadelphia experiencing homelessness or other difficult times, connecting them with food, housing, medical care, and other services. RPM reduces the cost of access, by listing services that are nearby, personally relevant (e.g. gender/age), and with available inventory. RPM empowers community nonprofit organizations to log onto the app, update their information, and increase the reach and impact of their services.

RPM takes inspiration…

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SeptaUX Bootstrapping

Design Brief: SeptaUX

Context: Who are we working with?

The Business

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is a regional public transportation authority that operates bus, rapid transit, commuter rail, light rail, and electric trolleybus services for nearly 4 million people in five counties in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It also manages projects that maintain, replace and expand its infrastructure, facilities and vehicles.

SEPTA is the major transit provider for Philadelphia and the counties of Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and…

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Prevention Point Unified Reporting System Prototyping

Prevention Point is a private nonprofit organization providing harm reduction services to Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

Currently, they are storing data from their programs in separate Excel spreadsheets, disparate EHRs, and partner data systems. This prevents them from being able to see all activities associated with an individual program participant, and also makes it impossible for them to do meaningful analyses that monitor program health and evaluate efforts.

This project would work to migrate all of the disparate data sources into one system,…


Al-Bustan Immigrant Alphabet Website Redesign Bootstrapping

Al-Bustan is a Philadelphia-based non profit that promotes and affirms Arab culture. They reached out to Code for Philly for help with the website for their art installation Immigrant Alphabet. Immigrant Alphabet was produced in partnership with Wendy Ewald and students from Northeast High School. The installation was in residence at the City of Philadelphia’s Municipal Services Building. It'S currently on display at the Cherry Street Pier in Philadelphia. It's Al-Bustan’s hope that the installation will travel on even further from there, to new cities and states.

Having the…

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Project Research - Documenting Organizations with Technical Needs Bootstrapping

Every month, dozens of volunteers attend the Code for Philly (CfP) 101 event, bringing with them a diverse set of technical and leadership skills. Similarly, every month, many organizations reach out to CfP about creating projects. However, two big challenges remain.

  1. There may be many organizations that don’t know starting a CfP can help connect them with technical volunteers
  2. They may need help in laying out a clear project, in order to recruit volunteers.

For this (“meta”) project, we will set out to document the technical needs of non-profit organizations, so that they…

Philly Food Finder Maintaining

As an unfunded project, it can use all the support it can get. Looking for collaboration to help increase its adoption, ideas to spread awareness, and tie-ins with other food access efforts.

We'll need much wider adoption, and for this to happen we have to focus on reaching people where they are (ie. does it need an Instagram?)—and delivering a great experience for users on their journey towards solving A) immediate food needs, B) charting a sustainable path to food security for themselves and their families, and C) connecting interested parties (like us) with advocacy tools, resources….

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Mamie Young's Finding Home Repair Help for Philadelphia Seniors Bootstrapping

So, if you're a senior with limited resources and you're trying to grow old and stay in your home, there's not a lot of help. This project supports Mamie Young's vision: creating a list of handymen and handywomen who sign on to do home repairs for seniors, at low cost and pro-bono. This is an important civic need. A few organizations cover some blocks and neighborhoods in the city, but in general, it's hard to find someone to help you as you age. Step one: let's make Mamie Young a webapp with a database, so that home repair people can sign up, creating a list that people in need can refer…

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Philly Bailout Commenting

Project Description

The mission of the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund is to end cash bail in our city. Until that day, we post bail for residents who cannot afford to pay.

Currently, we use the google suit (google sheets, google voice, etc.) to manage the bail process. However, with hundreds of requests a month we're reaching the limit of what these can do.

We'd like to move to a system that will allow us to

  • track requests in a consistent, structured way
  • ensure data integrity, even with multiple users
  • help automate simple, repetitive…
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Draw the Lines Fall 2018 CfP Group Submission Hibernating

Draw the Lines is a public mapping competition calling on Pennsylvanians to draw their own federal congressional districts. While anyone is welcome to submit their own entry, we thought it would be less daunting (and less time consuming) to do it together.

We'll use this project entry, the #drawthelines slack channel and the Code for Philly hack nights to organize.

PS - Don't worry, if the group wins the grand prize


  • Participants, no dev experience required
  • Lead team lead / coordinator
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School Budget Aggregator Commenting

The School District of Philadelphia has released School Budget information for the 2019 Fiscal Year as a collection of PDFs, one for each school. This Python download script (in the form of a Jupyter Notebook) aggregates these budgets and outputs them in a few CSVs.


Trashinator Prototyping

Make less trash!

Every year, the City of Philadelphia disposes 1 ton of waste per resident. That is … impressive. The city has also made it a goal to eliminate litter and landfill use by 2035.

What about us?

How much trash do we generate? What's normal? What's possible? I want to find out so that we can finally throw away the name "Filthadelphia."

This is a simple web-app to let you keep track of your estimated landfill use.

Help out!

Right now it would be especially helpful to have:

  • Beta…
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Youth Education Program Matcher Maintaining


Problem: Youth and Young Adults in Philadelphia seeking a path toward gainful employment often qualify for programs that assist them with obtaining further education and/or certifications to assist in gaining employment, but do not have a singular place to find out which of those programs they qualify for.

Solution: Create a form based tool that gathers necessary data from users and generates the programs they qualify for based on the information they submitted.

Technology: The goal is to create this tool using free Google products– Forms, Sheets, & Apps…

My Brother's Keeper Prototyping

My Brother's Keeper was conceived in response to the problem of lopsided inventory levels at donation centers serving Philadelphia's homeless. These centers often have an abundance of a few types of donated goods, while many others are in short supply. This web application will enable such donation centers to inform the community of what items they need by simply selecting the items from a list of their general inventory. If greater specificity is needed, they can add comments for any item.

For those who wish to donate, our main landing page will have a geolocation display with charity…


Match Match Philly Prototyping

Match Match Philly will integrate the City of Philadelphia's engagement data collection system (VAN) with its volunteer recruitment tool (VolunteerMatch). The City is moving to track all engagement data with this tool to increase data sharing and improve the way departments track and conduct engagement. This integration will enable seamless tracking and management of volunteer recruitment data.


Garden Hero Bootstrapping

Garden Hero

Garden Hero is an outgrowth of Code for Philly's Civic Engagement Launchpad 2018. This web application aims to help community gardens better manage their resources in order to cultivate a better community of gardeners.

The idea for Garden Hero was born when two frustrated community garden managers began to yearn for a better tool to manage their memberships, plots, volunteers, and donations than what was available at the time. They found that using a myriad of tools to manage the garden and communication between members (a hodgepodge of Excel…


Cypher Philly Prototyping

Cypher Philly Project Wiki

The Idea:

The Philly Graph DB meetup group has started a new initiative called Cypher Philly. The initiative is intended to inspire and equip citizen journalists, data enthusiasts and social activists with the tools and data to do good for the city and citizens of Philadelphia.

There are a number of reasons why Philadelphia needs your help from public safety issues, to beautifying shared public spaces or even unheard police complaints. Our goal is to harness the untapped potential of…

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RESOLVE Philly & BROKE in Philly- Logo Design Requests (Q1 2018 Request) Bootstrapping

About RESOLVE Philly

Resolve Philly is a new hub for the city’s general interest, community and ethnic newsrooms to produce collaborative solutions reporting and community engagement on urgent social challenges.

Resolve emerged from a 2016 initiative by the Solutions Journalism Network to catalyze sustained solutions reporting on prisoner reentry, a critical issue facing the city. Over the last year, The Reentry Project with its 15 newsroom partners – including the Philadelphia Media Network and WHYY as well as community and ethnic media such as PhillyCam, WURD and El Sol –…

VagueRouter Drifting

My Apps 4 Septa App!

This was an old app from a hackathon in Philly, I created this visualization and technique for better understanding the routes and for users to dynamically explore the routes locally and in realtime.

I left a copy of it running here:

Enjoy! :)

Please contact me for a commercial license if you want to use it that way.

Video of my super-awkward presentation of this app from that hackathon:

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(Un)Incarcerated - A Multimedia Documentary Project on Incarceration and Reentry Commenting


We're working with The Reentry Project to create an online, multimedia experience that will challenge people's perception of what someone with a criminal record looks like. This is currently planned through three pieces:

  • An online challenge to identify those with a criminal history from those without, with the expectation that one cannot tell the difference from another.

  • A portrait series of all participants involved.

  • A video series that will provide all participants an opportunity to explain their experiences.


FortifyingFamilies Prototyping

Fortifying Families is an app for families/friends/advocates/supporters of incarcerated persons to assist the returning citizen in the reentry process.

CityBallots Bootstrapping


I want a simple way for people to know who they are voting for.

Here's a sample of what I am looking to build:

Future dream:

  1. User text their address to a number
  2. The day (or week) before the election, the service send out information about the election:

    a. where to go to to vote b. polling hours c. Link to a detail page about the following:

    1. what position they're voting for. What is the responsibility of these positions?
    2. Who is running?

      a. Link to their social media, news…


Modus Prototyping

Modus-Keystone is an augmented reality game to learn about Pennsylvania's rich historical sites. Participants earn crypto currency for reaching new historical landmarks and for solving puzzles associated with each destination.

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Philly Zoning Maps Testing

Philadelphia Zoning Analysis

The goal of this project is to map and analyze Philadelphia zoning, particularly the impact of the reforms that were implemented in 2012.


PHLASK: An Ecosystem For Finding and Sharing Resources in Philadelphia Maintaining

PHLASK: An Ecosystem For Finding and Sharing Resources in Philadelphia

Life-sustaining resources should remain abundant, clean and accessible to everyone. The PHLASK mission is to help people find publicly available resources, and to encourage private enterprises to provide access to excess resources - simply by PHLasking. Hoarding and privatizing access to life-sustaining resources is inefficient, wasteful and inhumane. We hope to help amplify growing efforts to normalize resource sharing and challenge the ethics of enterprises who exploit the public commons for profiteering.

If you…

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My Philly Drifting

My Philly

My Philly is a site designed to make it easier to find and interact with the Registered Community Organizations (RCOs) of Philadelphia. It enables users to search their address, and find which RCOs apply to where they live. It also provides a coverage map to explore the city and see which areas could use more love.

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Megalithic Timeline OpenSource Project Prototyping

The Idea:

Megalithic Timeline is an open-source project I wanted to build in order to convey a better history of human made megalithic structures throughout history. I've been fascinated with uncovering the anthropology of the people who built these unbelievable monuments which have withheld the test of time and forces of nature to tell us about our past.

Build Goal:

My goal with this project is to help bring together people who are interested in discovery history through coding together to build dynamic apps to help convey this history to broader audiences. This Tool will be…

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PROJECT ON HOLD - Interpreter Training Commenting


Right now, there is a great need for court interpreter in Philadelphia for languages like Vietnamese and Korean. I want to build an website to help people study for these test. I have the content to study for the English court interpreter test. I would love to chat with someone in education or a designer or UX to figure out how to build this. Feel free to email me at to chat about this. The website I have built with my teammate is usable, but I think it could be better.

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Silly Utility Testing

Silly Utility

Compare utility bills with neighbors.


You're a Comcast customer for 33 years… but someone else on your block gets better service for less money.

Companies charge whatever they want… they make you buy phone service and you don't even have a phone.


We help negotiate your bill.

See what your neighbors pay, and call to ask for the same deal.


Philly — Works in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding neighborhoods.

It's free — We do not charge money for this service.


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BelieveAchieve: Free, online, on-demand tutoring for disadvantaged students Bootstrapping

About Believe Achieve

BelieveAchieve is a volunteer-run ed-tech initiative seeking to provide on-demand educational and guidance services to disadvantaged high school students in the U.S. Our 3-pronged approach will consist of free, online, and on-demand: mentoring, tutoring, and college counseling. We are planning to pilot our model in the NYC metropolitan area beginning in January 2017. During the pilot, BelieveAchieve will focus on delivering math tutoring, general mentorship, and college admissions guidance to low-income public high school students in the NYC area. After our NYC…

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Combatting Prison Recidivism Commenting

I'm looking for help in creating a call center system for former inmates needing services. Something that would serve as a hotline for resources for people that don't have easy access to computers or cell phones. What I'm envisioning is and 800# for people just released from jail and prison, needing services for anything, from housing and clothing, to job training and food. Specifically focused on people with no other support system in place, such as family or friends. I feel that there's a lot of organizations providing these services and I'd like to make it easier and quicker for people…

SEPTA On Time Prototyping

Plan your trips better by checking your SEPTA route before you go.

GardenHub - Community Gardens web app Maintaining

Matrix ID

Formed around the simple idea that food should not go to waste, GardenHub is the solution to the problem of community garden food waste. Despite the best efforts of community gardeners, far too often food produced in community gardens rots on the vine.

GardenHub is building technology to enable gardeners to collaborate and act upon what's growing, ripening, and available for harvest in their gardens. Using this information, GardenHub…

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Stately Testing

Form-driven workflow engine. Making city government better, one form at a time.

Government, like many organizations, have a ton of processes. For example:

  • Leave request
    • employee submits form, manager approves, entry is able to be looked up later
  • Travel request
    • like leave request, but director must also approve, and if >$500, CFO must approve
  • New hire onboarding
    • multiple tasks that can be completed asynchronously. perhaps when all 3 tasks are done, the 4th task is able to begin
  • Contract
    • Document-oriented (w/signature) vs content-oriented
  • Freedom of…

Imminently Dangerous Hibernating

A project working to identify substandard rental housing.

Original problem statement: "How can we identify substandard housing? Many rental properties are unlicensed and other with many code violations. How can L&I keep track of which properties should have licenses but do not? Are there indicators that L&I could use to isolate which types/locations most likely aren't up to code?"


L&I goal (to be approved by Shannon) - to provide a minimum standard of living for every resident of Philadelphia.

Team goal - Provide information highlighting properties below minimum…


Govmeeting Prototyping

Software to improve involvement in local government.

Shortly after a government meeting, you will be able to:

  • Receive via text or email, a summary of issues discussed.

  • See exactly what was said on each issue that you select.

  • Receive a text or email alert when an issue that you select is discussed.

At any time, you can go online and see:

  • All issues discussed in past meetings.

  • All that was said in the past on any specific topic.

  • Exactly what any specific official said on any specific topic. This is especially useful at election time.

NOTE: The current…


LGBTQ Health App Bootstrapping

The LGBTQ community has difficulty finding safe and competent healthcare services that take into consideration the wide spectrum of gender and sexuality-related issues. Many people in the LGBTQ community avoid or delay care because of past or expected homophobic attitudes and practices. In the “Philly Queer Exchange” Facebook group, requests for healthcare service recommendations are as frequent as a couple requests per week.

We are proposing a digital app to find, rate, and review healthcare services by and for the LGBTQ community.

School Needs Board Commenting

Let's create a site to help Philly schools ask the community for help. School would be able to ask for things like:

Materials - laptops, cameras, etc Time - one-time or recurring volunteering, with specific skills or not Experiences (like field trips!) Internships/apprenticeships

Basically, something like Donorschoose, but 1) specific to Philly and 2) no money involved - Philly schools aren't allowed to ask for money, so Donorschoose isn't an option.

Check out our GitHub!


Jail Jawn Maintaining

Jail Jawn

Data Source: (

What is Jail Jawn and Why?

This is the repository for the scraper code written in Python. This started as a project to learn Python and Serverless deployment.

The following code in the repository accesses the static page provided by The City of Philadelphia Department of Prisons Census page ( This web page is generated internally possible by a human at infrequent times using Excel to HTML which doesn't create clean tables for scraping which requires a custom…

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Leverage: Philly Campaign Finance Prototyping

The goal of Leverage is to empower citizens of Philadelphia to use campaign finance data when making informed decisions about who they donate to, who they support, and who they vote for.

The foundation of Leverage is the campaign finance data published by the City of Philadelphia. On top of the data we are building a simple user interface with a search feature that leads to a few visualizations.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Empower citizens to make informed decisions.
  • Not to single out individual contributors (we're not doing this to facilitate punitive actions)
  • Keep in mind…
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Dat Jawn Bootstrapping

Goal: Version Control for Data on the Distributed Web

We are creating an open-source adapter to allow Noms to store its data on IPFS. This trio of technologies will provide top-to-bottom support for distributed version control of tabular data.

Secondary Goal: A model project for mentorship and collaborative learning

We are structuring this project with a strong emphasis on mentorship and group learning so that it can function as a setting where people become great software engineers by contributing to this open source…

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PhillyDirections Commenting



directions with landmarks

what does the project aim to achieve?

Give folks in Philly a easy way to navigate around using public transit, and use landmarks as a point of reference to help them navigate.

What will this application do?

  • User enters start and end point
  • Application returns directions with landmarks via transit, walking or bike

What else might be useful for this application?

  • Ability to save directions
  • Ability to save landmarks
  • Ability to view more information about a landmark
  • Ability for user to submit…

Female Political Representation in PA Bootstrapping

Some women from Rittenhouse Political stopped by Code for Philly a month or two ago to ask for help with a data set in CSV. They would like to visually display the data in tables, graphs, and ultimately a "heat map" to show how women have been represented in PA from 2000-2014. Click the developer's link to go to the GitHub page. We are working in Python and potentially JavaScript down the line to display this data in a palatable manner for end users.


Addictive Science Prototyping

This project is my effort to get the startup Addictive Science involved with the local Philadelphia Science/Tech communities. Addictive Science is an online learning environment designed to virtually immerse everyday people in discovery & curiosity while engaging minds with STEM Sciences through online social discovery apps. I started building as a means to embrace my new career in Science Communication and Technology. The programming & design goals of Addictive Science from conception were to make all of our code open…

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Resource Awareness for Philly Prototyping

Resource Awareness Philly is a open-source project that started at the Code for Philly SustyHack2015 from 10/17/15 - 10/18/15 in Philly. The goals of the project are

  1. To create a comprehensive data set for all services for folks who need little help to get back in the game in Philly.

  2. Provide web service REST apis to access and update the data set so that clients (web/mobile) can be developed.

  3. Build a responsive web application that users in Philly can access on public library computers etc. as well as by services providers on desktop and mobile devices.

  4. Iterative UI…


Energy Consumption Visualization Prototyping

The goal of the energy consumption visualization tool is to enable interested stakeholders to be able to gain invaluable insight into their building energy usage and use it in making informed decisions about energy efficiency, investment in renewable energy, and overall sustainability.

This project uses the Department of Energy's Standard Energy Efficiency Data:


My EP Prototyping

This project is designed to provide middle school-aged and high school-aged students with learning disabilities, understand their rights as students with IEP (Individualized Education Plans). It gives them the tool to empower themselves and take charge of their education.

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Philadelphia Municipal Building Energy Benchmarking Bootstrapping

The Philadelphia Department of Energy has data available on (link below) showing energy consumption for Philadelphia Municipal Buildings between 2011-13. They are looking to add 2014 in the near future. They have asked us to help analyze and present the data so that the information is palatable for Philadelphians interested in creating energy efficient buildings. The Department of Energy has invested money in projects to help make some of our older municipal buildings become more energy efficient. They'd like to help voters understand the impact of their tax dollars on…

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Social Hub For Programmers Commenting

I want to create a social hub for programmers to do daily challenges. The objective of this project is to create a website where users can post programming questions and users are allowed to challenge them by answer the programming question. In the end establishing a community of programming elites. Does anyone want to hop onboard?

Laws For All Bootstrapping

Help me create a web interface for public policy data. I need help developing a prototype, particularly the web interface and analysis of the API challenges.

Not in Philly Testing

Not in Philly

Being built in the open at

Nice write up on the project is at:

In return for a 6 month commitment to go out once a week to pick up the litter on a block, we supply citizens the resources (bags and a trash grabber) and incentives (gift cards drawn from member pics of their cleaned block #notinphilly on Instagram).

Drop us a line at We also like to chat on slack,

The to-do…

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Minimal Blue Bikes Philly Maintaining

Minimal Blue Bikes Philly

Miniaml Blue Bikes Philly is an Android app displays station status for the Indego Bike Share in Philadelphia. There is NO MAP, NO GPS, and works on Android 2.3+. It shows the station name, distance and direction from a reference "current" station, a color icon showing status / how full, and number of bikes/docks available. There is a summary statistics page, a station detail w/ address and location hint.

Why Minimal?

I have a 5 year old phone running Android 2.3 and I wanted a quick and light app to find stations, bikes, and docks. I know the city…

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Births and Deaths Viz Commenting

Working with the data located here:

I'm going to write a C#/.NET program to clean the data, create common formats and master files, and interactive visualizations of the data. Ultimately I'm hoping to deploy it to a web framework.

Affordable Prescription Drug Guide Commenting

A tool to help physicians prescribe less-expensive drugs for patients (#appsforphilly health hackathon, 2015)

At the Code for Philly 2015 #AppsForPhilly Health hackathon, a homeless person wrote, on a board, "It feels like the doctors don't care how expensive the drugs they are prescribing are." They didn't stay, but that expression of frustration inspired a team of doctors & developers to attack that problem.

Doctors often prescribe drugs without a resource to help them understand patient costs. In addition to the economic impact on people, the inhibitive costs creates an…


Open Source Mentorship Program 2015 Maintaining

Girl Develop It Philly (GDI) and Code for Philly (CfP) are excited to build off of the success of last year’s Summer of Open Source to once again offer interested female applicants a crash course in open source and a chance to get hands-on project experience in civic tech. We’ve updated the name to include fall and winter programs run by sister GDI chapters and brigades replicating and refining the precedent set in the pilot run. Last year’s project topics ranged from visualizing school budget data to mapping city-wide street tree locations. For many…


Philly Transpo Art Prototyping


A view of the [select] modes of transport, revealed by activation, to illustrate the levels/amount/rate of movement across the city.

Bike share pods flash when the number of bikes available changes (currently 15 minute intervals) Rail stations change with frequency of service during 15 minute windows (radius changes for heavy rail, opacity changes for light rail) Bus routes traced by shooters (eventually will glow more heavily based on bus frequency) See @karaml's project pitch here.


Quasi-realtime data from the…

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Septa Ninja Testing

  • Real time and accessibility problems can take time to reach SEPTA control center
  • Riders have ability to share issues quicker than workers can
  • Mimic and improve Boston’s civic transit app -
  • Create a "Waze-like" app for train issues that can reach riders in real time

Get set up - see our README page

For details of features/bugs you can work on go to Github issues

Here is the [Google docs…

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Who Won Philly Maintaining

Tim Wisniewski wrote an election scraper with Kimono and a html page to display live election results scraped from

Kevin Clough wrote a node scraper based on Nightmare( to poll the last modified date of the page, scrape and cache the results as necessary.

Scraper: WhoWon Front End:

Live Results can be viewed here: (based off of test data for now)

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Friendtervention Prototyping

An web app designed at the Apps for Philly Health hackathon in May 2015. The goal of the app is assist a user in finding the best options available when facing a mental health crisis.

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Indego-Flow Commenting

Monitoring Indego bike share to monitor bike arrivals and departures at specific stations.

Could be helpful for determining best way to handle and re-distrbute bike.

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Philly Renewables Dashboard Commenting

The goal is to translate real time solar radiation and wind data into a graphic descriptor of the availability of energy from renewable sources. Users could use the simple interface to decide whether or not to plug in. Need immediate help with data discovery of real-time wind data and historical time series data sets for electricity production from renewables. Private weather stations and solar panels could be a high value data set, but their availability is unknown.


Code Help Desk Maintaining

This is the help desk table for questions that you may not have awnsers to, headed by patrick and karin we will try to help you with you're codeing probles

Hacker Resource Management Commenting

Hacker Resource Management

The purpose of the Hacker Resource Management project is to come up with a solution to a problem faced by Code for Philly and many other Code for America groups — the difficulty faced by many potential hackers (especially newcomers) in connecting with a project who's need matches their skills.

Currently, the goals are two-fold (1) come up with a method of organizing a committee to address such a need and (2) if necessary, develop any tools that such a committee would need to use.

More about this project will be stated as it becomes determined.


One Stop Transparency Shop Commenting

Provide searchable site linking campaign donations and lobbying data to resulting city contracts.

Voter Turnout in the 2014 General Election Maintaining

This project maps the voter turnout in the November 2014 general election. It looks at the percentage of registered voters who voted in each census block group; it also examines demographic characteristics reported by the American Community Survey to try to find correlations between demographics and turnout.

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SocialVote Prototyping

What is this?

A platform to explore whether or not your friends, family, and neighbors have voted. We hope that people will use this information to encourage others to become active participants in democracy.

How did we get this information?

The Secretary of State is required by law to publish voting history and registrations for all voters in Pennsylvania. This information is available for purchase for $20. This is information does not include how people vote, just whether or not they have voted….


Philly Vote Check Prototyping

iOS repo:

web repo: front-end is on gh-pages branch; master branch has server-side components

Philly Vote Check


Where is my Polling station? This Application is designed to help voters identify and locate their polling place based on their district, ward and/or address. In addition, the application will help voter that need assistance with accessibility locate polling places that can accommodate their needs.


Philly Vote Check will provide the…

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Philly Ward Leaders Maintaining

How many of you have heard of all of the judges who ran in the last election? How about all the Council at-large candidates? How about all the State Representative candidates? Most people who show up to vote have not heard of all the candidates. Instead, they're given flyers on the way in, often by their neighbors, suggesting who they should vote for. But who determines what's on the flyers? Ward leaders. And how many of you know who your ward leader is?

Let's use data to show:

  • Who they are
  • What they do…
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Code for Philly Check-in System Commenting

Code for Philly Check-in System

"Make sure to check in! Seriously, guys!" — Chris Alfano, every meetup

But not everyone does! How do we keep track of how many people attended? How do we monitor how many new people show up a second time? To continue to build a great community, we need to be able to measure our progress.

It's not that people don't want to check-in; they forget to do it, or they can't remember their password, or they get busy. Let's make it easy and automatic!


  • When someone connects to the WiFi, automatically route them to the check-in page (like…

Transportation Committee Maps Prototyping

Just trying to produce some simple maps that overlay demographic data with maps of transportation committee members to support a legislative campaign. Looking for data transformation help!

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Mesh Networking Hardware Hibernating

Open mesh networking hardware that can be joined together into a mesh network . Can be used on its own with built in screen or can have data routed to it to extend the functionality of other open source projects. We've nicknamed it HiJump because the signal between devices involves a combo of hi/low transmissions and because once a device receives a payload, the devices around it are checked to see if they have yet received that specific payload. If not, it then jumps to them. The goal is for this device to be small enough to comfortably fit onto a keychain, to contain a low-res character…

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PA School District Funding Hibernating

I wanted to know how school funding in Philadelphia compares to the rest of the state. The state Department of Education publishes enrollment and expenditure figures for every school district in the state. Here are some graphs of these data.

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Grounded in Philly Drifting

Hi folks, Some of you are familiar with, which is an open data and organizing site that is aimed at democratizing information about vacant land and providing folks with the tools to get legal access to that land. For us, it's about gardens, farms, and open space, but the site gets used in other ways as well. We're working on Phase II of the site and are looking for some help with a couple of projects. These include: - Incorporating the Philadelphia Water Department Parcel layer - Incorporating new data on City Owned properties - Creating a mechanism for…

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Text Alerts for Job Postings Commenting

Many people seeking employment have sparse availability to the internet. Without smartphones or consistent access to the internet, it is very difficult to respond to job postings in a timely manner. This application will ingest relevant job postings from popular websites, filter out only those that indicate they can be contacted by phone, and parse the postings into a 140-character explanation that can include the phone number, hourly wage, address, and title of that posting. People can sign up for certain job searches such as 'warehouse philadelphia', and receive text messages when a new,…


Bike Registry Commenting

A free city-wide online bike registry.


Bicyclist Detector Prototyping

The aim of this project is to create a bicyclist detector. Given a video, the algorithm should detect the bicyclist within each frame of the video. Hopefully, this can be used to get bicyclist counts.

Foreign Language Learn Commenting

This is an open-source project to facilitate the learning of foreign languages. The plan is to implement various ways that crowdsourcing can be used to create the contents.


phlAddrParse Commenting

First Line Address Parser and Standardizer

Will work on any US based first line address but standardizations are tweaked specifically for Philadelphia addresses.

Does not handle City, State, ZIPCode


123R-27 north ben Franklin blv apt 2b and s pine av




oeb O address number/range, Odd, Even, Both
alow 123 address number low
ahigh 127 address number high
astrlow 123R address number low as a…

chorebox Prototyping

Chorebox is to be an alternative to -autoconf- — only unlike -autoconf-, it will run at install-time rather than be a tool that only the developer needs. Some might shrink from this strategy in that it creates one more dependency — but really, it doesn't do so any more than requiring this or that library would —- and using this strategy (rather than that embraced by -autoconf-) will afford far more flexibility in package design.

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PATCO GTFS Maintaining

Google came up with an awesome specification for transit data: GTFS. Many transit agencies publish their schedules as GTFS for Google and other developers to use in transit applications; PATCO does not currently publish theirs as GTFS. This project takes the data from the PATCO PDF schedules, and transforms them into GTFS.

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UNLITTERdelphia Commenting

This project will customize the shareabouts crowd source map architecture created by OpenPlans to become a web tool citizens can use to report instances of illegal household short dumping.

So far three people have contributed - David Siah, Patrick Hammons, and Jon Tehrani.

Next steps include loading a geojson data layer of big belly points into leaflet, and creating a buffer to make it easier for users to drop pins on the map.

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Stormfighter Commenting

Stormfighter is a mapping project designed to optimize the Philadelphia Water Department's efforts in mitigating sewer overflow during rainstorms. The project identifies Water Department-installed stormwater mitigation technologies (such as green roofs, tree trenches, and rain barrels) overlaid on a graduated map of the city's permeable surfaces. This provides data on places where permeability is low, but stormwater mitigation technologies are not installed - in other words, places where flooding is most likely to occur.


YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Maintaining

Yadaguru is an app that helps Philly High School Seniors remember all the things they have to do to submit complete applications to college on time. We're solving the problem of doors closing to good schools because of dumb stuff like a transcript getting in after a deadline. We do this through sending multiple reminders well before stuff is due. Whole support structures around students can use the app as well so they can be part of the 'reminder team' that helps kids get the docs in on time.

Release 1 was our web app You can get reminders, send them to…

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Philadelphia Traffic Court Proceedings Bootstrapping


This project is a collection of data from the Philadelphia Traffic Court using Philadelphia's Open Data request system.

This will release the courts proceedings for all cases including outcome and information on plea bargains. An analysis of this data may show that unfair practices in court proceedings and allow evidence for retrying traffic tickets for anyone in Philadelphia who received a ticket in the past 10 years.

See also: Philadelphia Traffic Court was…

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MyPark Drifting

This project was developed during the Philly Ecocamp 2014.

This goal of this web application was to strengthen the relationship between community members and the public parks in their area. We fused GIS data provided by the Parks Department and projected it on to OpenStreetMap with the intention of producing a useful tool for engagement with local parks .

Community Involvement

  • Report problems with a park
  • Upload/View photos
  • Suggest/Vote on community projects
  • Post meet-ups on a park-specific community bulletin
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Using Mongo, NextJS

2 min Video is a non-partisan non-profit website that connects voters, organizations, and politicians without advertising dollars getting in the way. Right now, politicians have serious challenges reaching voters without advertising. This means that politicians have to waste a lot of time begging for money instead of doing what they want to do — help the community. This often forces politicians to listen more closely to the people who give them money than they do to the voters. Likewise,…

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You Need to Eat This Commenting

A civic project to assist tourists and locals to quickly navigate to quality food experiences.

PGW dig map Drifting

PGW has committed to releasing a web service that can be queried for real-time and historic information on road closings due to repairs. This project will provide a desktop and/or mobile map of digs with details on their status.


Parkadelphia (Street Parking in Philadelphia) Commenting

Street Parking Philadelphia

Note: Project in discovery phase.

Street parking dataset for kiosk-metered zones has been requested from Streets department, likely ETA is 2015. Intended scope will cover creating a method to parse/manipulate dataset into usable format for API development, then UI development including a map visualization, searchable zone information such as allowed time period, cost per hour, kiosk locations and residential permit areas. Updates will follow when data is available.

Preliminary Data Points

  • Residential Parking Permit Districts _No set exists…
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Data Science for Civic Hackers Hibernating

IPython Notebooks on Data Science for Civic Hackers

Instead of an app, my plan is to create a set of IPython notebooks on how civic hackers can do data science effectively. We are currently experiencing a surge of new data and tools that can help us derive conclusions from the data. Software packages containing methods from Statistics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence have been open-sourced and available for all to use. Like all tools, however, you have to know how to use these methods effectively. There are other great IPython notebooks out there related to…


Code for Philly Schools Commenting

A meta-project for organizing events and matchmaking to help Philly high-school and college students explore technology through civic projects.

Philly Police Droid Prototyping

Philly Police Droid

Philly Police Droid (PPD) is a Android mobile app that updates users on local crime activity in the city of Philadelphia. PPD displays data of the city's crime activity, traffic advisories and unsolved crime video by police district. Also, users are able to set news alerts based on districts in which they're concerned about.

Data Sources


250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia Commenting

Short description of project

'250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia' will be a location based film in Google Earth: a NavDoc (Navigation Documentary) This NavDoc will consist of synchronized sound recordings and GPS tracks.

We aim to produce a film of 25-40 minutes and an interactive on line presentation of the work.

Examples of our approach can be found on:

These examples are now presented as vimeo films, but we plan to present the film online as kml/kmz file directly running in Google Earth via…

 Public Site

Actualize.Me Commenting

A Dashboard that facilitates the exploration process of self through project based learning, challenge fulfillment, research based initiatives, and young professional service learning opportunities. - Primarily For High School Students

 Public Site

MarketPlace for school partners Hibernating

We are developing a platform that enables schools to locate profit or non-profit organizations for funding and services, and allows organizations to reach out to schools for donations.

Original SDP request

> Building a technology solution that will match potential partners with schools. The goal is to develop a registeration site where partnering organizations will 'register' and tell SDP officials about their projects and describe there services. Schools would also 'register' and share their strategic goals and solicit partnerships in specific program and administrative areas. The…


Reading Pal Commenting

Objective: Design a Web based application, oriented for children, teachers and parents to track the books the kids read, and assess the learning of content and children progress.

Specific Objectives:

  • Provide teachers and parents tools to assess children reading progress.

  • Provide class reading groups, where teachers can scope the discussion of books.

  • Share teacher-created resources for specific books to use in the classroom, to enhance literacy skills, aligned with the curriculum and standards.

  • Motivate children toward reading, by tracking books and progress,…

Map-based data visualizer Commenting

This project originally was going to start by trying to visualize school budget data. However, the budget data did not contain amounts per school, just for broad-based categories. Instead, we chose to develop a map-based visualization project using test score data which did have details at the school level.

Currently, only a Windows 8 app is being written. It would be nice to have a web-based mapping solution as well.

Electronic Intern Drifting

Electronic Intern

Electronic Intern will help the PhillyASAP program maintain their listing of after-school programs in Philadelphia. Instead of having interns spend all summer cold-calling these programs, Electronic Intern will send automated calls that will direct the location to either send in their details by fax, a submit form on the website or press "4" to be directed back to PhillyASAP.

Written in Python, using Twilio's voice API.


Philadelphia Land Inventory for Urban Agriculture (Vacant and Underutilized Land) Commenting

Vacant Land Inventory Post for Code for Philly


The Philadelphia Vacant Land Inventory is an ArcGIS-based mapping tool that will be used to document specific characteristics about vacant and underutilized land lots in Philadelphia. Using a set of databases that already exist on a number of criteria (anything from zoning code to shade cover), the goal is to create an online mapping tool for interested parties to identify plots that are suitable for growing food and plants. This will be Phase I of a two-step process in which we will use the first map to identify plots that…

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StationDown Commenting

Collaborate data on brown outs and fire incidents in Philadelphia. In the future the trip of the browned out station will be calculated and compared to the responding station in order to find out if the response time was affected by the station brown out.

Brown out: "It is when you take an engine or ladder company out of service temporarily and re-distribute the staff for either training or to fill in personnel gaps in other companies." -


Mapping construction permits over time Maintaining

Mapping Construction Permits

Project Description

Mapping the change in construction permits over time to see if it indicates neighborhoods in change.

Help Needed

The data is now pretty old. I'd like to restart it. I've begun working with Ruby so I'm thinking about rewriting the project with Rails.

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Philly Bike Coalition Survey App Maintaining

Project Summary

Each year, the Philadelphia Bike Coalition oversees an army of volunteers to collect bike ridership data across the city of Philadelphia. Today, the data collection and data analysis processes are all completed with the use of pen, paper, and lots of data entry.

We want to help the Bike Coalition (and any future users) spend less time with data management grunt work so that they can spend more time using the data!

Instead of using paper forms, we aim to provide a digital solution allowing survey volunteers to collect data with a mobile-ready website (or hybrid…

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Small Biz Philly Commenting

I own the domain name My goal is to turn this into a social networking website for small business owners in the Philadelphia area. I would like for this to be an online resource similar to this: I am a writer but not the type that writes code. I am the journalism/creative writer type and am looking for a techie that knows back-end development with a specialized knowledge of PHP and hand-coding from scratch. If anyone gets involved with my project not only will I give you a stake in my company and a life-time of free advertising on the front-page, but…

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Gatekeeper Maintaining

GateKeeper is a web application designed to sit between internal API endpoints and public users, acting as a proxy. It provides a central facility for logging, analyzing, rate-limiting, and credentialing access.

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Open Access Philly website Commenting

OpenAccessPhilly is a movement of civic-minded, innovative, entrepreneurial types who convene monthly to share projects and passion. Check out our website for more info:

OAP Goals

  • Convene those working at the intersection of tech, innovation, entrepreneurship & civic participation
  • Articulate a shared vision
  • Excuse for leaving work early on a Friday

OAP 4 Pillars

  • Free flow of info - open data/open video
  • Participatory urbanism/engagement
  • Access/digital divide
  • Support the regional tech/startup ecosystem


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Philly Open Health Prototyping

Important: Read this!

The description below was last updated on March 10, 2015. Click over to our Github project and check out the readme and other docs there to see the current state of the project.

You can find the Huboard we've (sometimes) used to track tasks and progress at Huboard and we (sometimes) communicate with each other at our Hackpad.

Mission Statement

Philly Open Health…


SEPTA Train Schedule Analyzer Maintaining

SEPTA Regional Rail Independent On-Time Performance Report These reports use the actual arrival time of each train over several years to recommend schedule changes for chronically late service. Reports created by William Entriken (not affiliated with SEPTA). Also see SEPTA's less detailed official OTP reports.

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Heatmapping crime around stuff Commenting

Note: this project is heavy on data manipulation and coding.

I set up demo to see if PostGIS could pull crimes that are nearest Septa regional rail stations and heat map them with Leaflet and heatmap.js. It went a little viral indicating a demand for stuff like this:

and trashed by philebrity for having no context what so ever….

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sheltr - connecting people in need to basic needs Commenting

The Problem: In many cities, there is no centralized information repository to serve the immediate needs of the homeless and hungry. In Philadelphia, for example, there are 40 shelters and 4 intake centers, and an unknown number of organizations that provide food – real-time communication between them is minimal to non-existent. As a consequence, there is no easy and accurate way to guide people in need to available shelters and meals.

The Goal: To quickly and accurately guide persons in need to closest available and open food and shelter resources.

The Solution: A…

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Whathood - crowdsourcing neighborhood borders Maintaining

What Hood Is This?

Whathood aims to settle the neighborhood border debate for all time by aggregating neighborhood borders drawn by users into heatmaps showing the "identity" of a location.



  • PHP and the Zend framework, LeafletJS, CoffeeScript, PostGres/PostGIS

Help Needed

  • seasoned developer interested in the project
  • site testers when…
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Community Magic Commenting


We are building a network of community advocates in neighborhoods, community centers and churches. This process will provide personal, one-on-one "real needs" counseling and "match making" of needs to resources to help people find the social supports and material connections needed to make everyday living more productive and less difficult.

This project will encourage key people in every community to LISTEN to their neighbors, use and teach data tools and web sites to RECORD useful information, and help people CONNECT with each other when appropriate.

We are working to…

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MilkCrate- Local Sustainability App Maintaining

MilkCrate is the digital hub for Philadelphia's local sustainable economy. We have almost 2,000 local sustainable businesses and resources in our database. We plan to grow to every city in the country.

Connecting our values with our behaviors begins by building awareness around how our everyday choices play a crucial role in creating the sort of future we all hope to have- more equitable, sustainable, and beautiful.

With the sustainability community at your fingertips, you can make choices that are aligned with the future we all want to create.

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PlantSwapr Commenting

The entire city is our free botanic garden!

Use PlantSwapr to offer and find plants to swap with others near you. Post a photo, write a blurb, make a wishlist, check the map, and get swapping!

MVP below: 1. Swaprs login with Facebook or email. 2. Swaprs create profile, inputting their nearby cross street for semi-anonymous mapping. 3. Swaprs post offers of their surplus plants, seeds, bulbs, scion wood & rootstock. 4. Swaprs search others' listings for specific plants. 5. Swaprs browse a map of offers from gardeners nearby. 6. Swaprs use private messages to inquire and set…


Philly Map of Shame Hibernating

PHL Map of Shame is a citizen-led project to map the impact of the School Reform Commission’s "doomsday budget" on students and parents. We will visualize complaints filed with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The Pennsylvania state constitution says that students must be provided with a "thorough and efficient system of public education." If children are being denied educational services, parents, and others with first-hand knowledge of the situation, have the right to file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Secretary of Education has a…

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Unlock Philly Maintaining

Using open data and crowd sourcing our mission is to make Philadelphia a more accessible city that welcomes and embraces people of all ages and abilities.

We are "building with, not for" and doing our best to ensure that our meetup spaces and tools are accessible. CityCoho is completely wheelchair accessible including the restrooms; Devnuts' entrance is wheelchair accessible and the restroom is large and on the same level, but there are no grab bars. The seating at both spaces is wheelchair friendly.

An accessible website/app is our number one priority. We value all contributions that…

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Penndot Traffic Camera API Commenting


Get Cameras By roadid

  • Endpoint: /getCamerasByRoadId.php
  • Parameters: roadid - One of (i476,i676,i76,i95,nonhighway), format - (xml or json)

Get Cameras By Lat Lng

  • Endpoint: /getCamerasByLatLng.php
  • Parameters: lat - Latitude, lng - Longitude, radius - (in miles, default 10mi), count - (default 20) format - (xml or json)

Get All Cameras

  • Endpoint: /getAllCameras.php
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OpenPhillyGlobe Commenting

"Google Earth for Philadelphia" with open source and open transit data.

Live demo:

Interactively visualize SEPTA routes and pedestrian counts. Middle-mouse button drag to tilt the view. More transit layers to come in the future.

Real-Time SEPTA locations and average weekday pedestrian activity at Philadelphia street corners in August 2013.

There is a…

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Kiqstnd Bootstrapping

A bike parking locator that allows users to find Bike Parking published through Open Data Philly and allows for user input to display parking they've discovered. In addition, a map overlay of Bike Theft data would be able to be toggled to show theft by month and year.

This project has not had much activity since its inception in October 2013 but I would love to kickback the Kiqstnd, and get this going again!!!

Are you interested in working on a cool Bicycle App?

Kiqstnd needs you.


Enter/Return Commenting

Original Idea:

To see the underlying resource data, look at the networkofcare_lat_lng.csv within the /data folder.


Animating Bike Theft Data with D3 Drifting

I'll be using the Bike Theft Data to make an interactive web map, which will hopefully animate to show seasonal and/or hourly patterns in the data.


UPDATE 10/16/2013

There was a major error with the originally posted project. When manipulating the dataset in Excel, I sorted by date, which usually sorts all columns, but for some reason lat and lon remained fixed. The data was originally sorted by precinct and then date, which explains why the data appeared isolated to individual neighborhoods.

I was skeptical of the data, but it seemed to "smooth out" further into the…

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Public School Accessibility Commenting

How long does it take to walk or take public transit to the nearest public school throughout the city? How has that changed, city-wide, after the recent public school closings?

Let's build an interactive map that visualizes travel time to the closest public school — with options to show the map with the data from before the closing, after the closing, or allow the user to build their own map by interactively closing or opening existing schools.

This will both demonstrate how open data can be used to generate a basic "accessibility" analysis and demonstrate one of the uses of the new…

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Clean Air Council's Open Climate Tracker Commenting

The Clean Air Council's Open Climate Tracker is an open-hardware, mobile sensor platform that is designed to gather data over large areas and connect that data to the internet through its built-in mobile mesh network. The goal of the project is to gather city-wide data pertaining to Climate Change and pollution and combine that data with with open databases such as OpenTreeMaps to quantify the effects of tree cover in the city over time. This will allow researchers to quantify the real economic and environmental value to each tree planted. The data will also be opened up to developers who…

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Real-time Transit Notifications Hibernating

I'd like to develop a service that can send SMS, email or maybe Twitter messages on updates to Philly trains and flights that users can subscribe to. The service would be open to other apps to so they could add message notifications without building it themselves. Think sending a POST to this service which takes the rest from there. The app would also have a front-end that would allow you to search for a flight or train and then subscribe.

I'd like to write the backend in Node on Amazon Web Services, need help writing the front-end. Definitely doable in a weekend!

If there are other…

myPhillyRising Commenting


A mobile web app by OpenPlans to support the outreach work of the PhillyRising collaborative. PhillyRising targets neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia that are plagued by chronic crime and quality of life concerns, and establishes partnerships with community members to address these issues. The PhillyRising Team coordinates the actions of City agencies to help neighbors realize their vision for their community through sustainable, responsive, and cost-effective solutions. Read more at…

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Hacking the Hackers : Understanding Hacking Dynamics Commenting

Hello PHL Hackers:

We are working to see how innovations are created and spread through hackathon competitions. We're curious to know how designers and developers can produce software/websites given the time restriction, with the focus on technological enablers such as gits and APIs.

We're looking for some hackers to help us understand these innovation dynamics.

Here's the link to the website for potential interview subjects & a mini-survey.

Hackers and Civic Innovators Invited! -


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New social media app to make it easier for people to succeed Commenting

We're creating a new social media app (native and web) to make it easier for anyone to show off their talent and succeed in life. If you're interested hit me up @ (don't judge our website, it's slow and intentionally stealthy right now - but we think you'll like the app - or maybe not).

We have a cool small team in center city Phila and are looking for a few more cool people to join up. Ambitious, cool, hardworking, easy going, are some of the most important things, and other helpful stuff is:

iOS Developer Opening(s): Skills that are required: - Experience…

Bike Route Tracker (CyclePhilly) Drifting

I am interested in developing a smartphone-based project to collect voluntary data on cyclists' bike route preferences.

The goal is to promote the app during a two to four week window where city or regional bicyclists would be encouraged to download and use the app to track their biking habits. The route data would be linked to a webmapping viewer that would allow users to the recorded routes and bike patterns of of all participants in realtime (users get fun instant feedback, we get great if self-selectedâ data in the aggregate).

The data generated would supplement the Delaware…

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What's Going On? Hibernating

A campaign website for promoting and collecting data about after-school programs in Philadelphia, and a mobile webapp based on Sencha Touch for finding programs from mobile web browsers or as a Philly 311 app widget.

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Summer Hackathon for HS Students (WebSLAM) Commenting

There is a huge opportunity to provide an awesome summer program for high school students through a grant with the Digital Media and Learning competition. I have a dream of pulling more HS students into the Code for Philly brigade with the idea of even building a student brigade chapter.

If anyone is interested in supporting some summer programming with HS students, the grant is due on June 10th. My thought is to run a hackathon with HS students who attend Code for Philly meetups over the summer, but maybe you have a better idea?

More info on the grant here:…

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All That Philly Jazz Maintaining

All That Philly Jazz is a digital history project at the intersection of technology, public art and civic engagement. We are telling the story of Philadelphia’s rich jazz heritage from bebop to hip-hop. We are mapping jazz spots and landmarks, historical markers, murals, Walk of Fame plaques, and jazz-related cultural assets.

Much of Philadelphia’s jazz history has been erased. Few structures remain. Jazz spots fell victim to the 1964 race riots in North Philly, urban renewal and gentrification. To preserve Philly's jazz heritage for future generations, the project is crowdsourced….

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Reclaim Philly Drifting

A way to help revitalize, renew, and reclaim Philadelphia's abandoned properties. Reclaim Philly is a vacant property tracking application. It mixes crowdsourced knowledge and public data to create a more complete picture of adandoned property in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

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Know Me Commenting

App for keeping nurses on the same page about their nursing home patients. Won third place in Startup Weekend Health 2013. Current under development.

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Philadelphia for Early Childhood Education Mapping Project Hibernating

Research, and common sense, indicate that early childhood is a pivotal time for creating the foundation for success in future learning. Did you know that only 7% of early childhood education centers in the city are considered "high quality" by the state's Keystone STARS rating system? And, consequentially, that only a small fraction of Philadelphia's children have access to an quality early childhood education setting?

This mapping project is a tool that will be used to reveal to City Council the state of early childhood education in each district, as part of an effort to mobilize…

Councilmatic Maintaining

Councilmatic! Build Status

Philly City Council Legislative Subscription Service.

Contact Us/Get Involved

  • Join the mailing list at
  • Find us on in the #councilmatic room
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ArcConsole Maintaining

ArcConsole is a simple, intuitive console for the ArcGIS Server REST API. It's intended for people not familiar with the ArcGIS REST API or users that want to get their data quickly and move on with their application. It does this by making some decisions for you, like for instance since you're on the internet the spatial reference you're using is probably WGS 84 (4326). It also uses JavaScript libraries like Chosen and Leaflet Draw to help you construct your query parameters how you need them.

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Philly Phlash App Commenting

Philly Phlash App is a mobile app for the Philly Phlash trolley. Phlash is the trolley services managed by Independence Visitor Center ( that runs between May - October. Phlash is a tourism trolley that covers all Philadelphia vacation spots from the Independence Hall to Philly Zoo. This app is the extension project. A must have mobile app for Philly people:

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Philadelphia School District API Hibernating

Philadelphia School District API

A simple LAMP-based REST API for Philadelphia School District data.

This project uses

  • Open data from the Philadelphia School District
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Limonade micro framework for PHP.
  • Lat/Lon added to school district data using City of Philadelphia geocoder service and OpenRefine.

After-school Wiki Hibernating

With summer school eliminated, provide parents and students access to a comprehensive list of credit recovery and extracurricular options based on location.

Leveraging the use of wikidelphia which is built using local wiki to list programs/activities for after school programs. Please visit to see or add programs.

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GreenSTEM Network Maintaining

The GreenSTEM Network is an open source, Arduino-powered urban sensor network developed by a group of civic-minded Philly hackers in collaboration with the Philadelphia Water Department. It collects data from the urban environment (such as sunlight levels and soil moisture), and can be expanded as new sensors are developed.

The primary goal of the GreenSTEM Network is to enhance Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education through data visualizations, student engagement, and opportunities for data analysis and critical thinking. A secondary goal of the GreenSTEM Network is…